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What is EKHO COMM?

We are a full service signal boosting company for all your workplace needs - - the solution by which you enhance and deliver the cell signal your employees need for productivity and engagement. Improve cell signal coverage in hospitals, warehouses, shopping centers, and more. Our experienced installers will create a custom solution to improve talk, text, and data for everyone in your building.

Cell Boosting

Mobile phones are quickly replacing desktop landlines in the workforce, and with this as your employee's primary communication device - don't take a risk, get a boost with EKHO Comm.

Public Safety

In an emergency, signal loss or delay could be a matter of life or death. Secure your signal with EKHO Comm.

Private LTE

Only authorized users of the organization can access this type of Private LTE network, designed and monitored with EKHO Comm.

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Enterprise Solutions

10,000-100,000+ sq ft

Servicing Healthcare Facilities, Public Safety, Real Estate/Property Management, Government, Manufacturing/Warehouse, Education

Fleet Solutions

Vehicles classes (1-8)

GPS Devices/Apps, Handheld POS/POP, Vehicle Monitoring

IoT Solutions

Internet of Things

POS Systems, LAN Solutions, ATM/Kiosks, EV Charging Stations

Customer Success Story

University of Utah: Site Survey & Installation


A Smartphone is the primary communication device used in emergency situations

With EKHO Comm, cell phone and radio signals can be boosted across your entire enterprise, offering increased safety, security and productivity.


Featured Enterprise Clients

Cell Boosting / DAS

80% of all mobile calls are accessed indoors, either in homes or commercial buildings. Mobile phones are quickly replacing desktop landlines in the workforce, and a smartphone is the primary communication device used in an emergency situation.


Does your home or office have good cell reception? 

Radio Boosting Frequencies

First Responders rely increasingly on wireless communication devices. In an emergency they cannot afford signal loss or delay. It could be a matter of life or death. Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) help to ensure that first responders entering your building can communicate with one another during an emergency.

Private LTE

Private LTE is a network that is run specifically for the benefit of an organization. Only authorized users of the organization can access the network. Private LTE offers the data speeds, technical flexibility, signal prioritization, and security necessary for the multitude of endpoints and smarter utility applications.





Why Choose EKHO COMM?

We know mobile device users will greatly benefit from our cellular DAS, providing a superior experience when accessing the network. EKHO COMM Enterprise solutions provide seamless connectivity to meet the high demand for voice and data. We offer indoor wireless tailored to your needs. Our experts will work with you to develop a customized solution based on your site’s conditions and building management requirements. We will stay involved throughout permitting, construction and installation of your system.

We offer the following indoor wireless turn-key services.

  • Project scope – we create scopes of work and project specifications
  • Client representation – we serve as the owner’s representative and interact with other trades
  • Pre-installation benchmark testing – we test a building with industry calibrated equipment to gain an understanding of the signal strength, targeting only areas needing enhancement to keep costs to a minimum
  • System design – we use tools such as AutoCAD® and WilsonPro® to submit to carriers
  • Equipment procurement – all equipment is prepared and tested by our procurement center
  • Equipment installation – we have manufacturer trained, certified installation and commissioning technicians
  • Post-installation data collection and processing – we perform system validation to ensure the cellular DAS meets or exceeds the design requirements and customer expectations

Customer Reviews

Joel Eves, Power Director

"After the excitement of moving into our new facility it quickly changed to disappointment when we realized how poor our cellular reception was. The Ekho team stepped in and developed a great solution that provided our organization the efficiency we require. It didn’t stop there, Ekho continues to support our field crews and the reception problems they face while away from the shop."

Lisa Muirbrook

"The impact was huge. We are able to communicate very easily now. When a teacher needs something right away, they’re now able to text the secretary or custodian for help without having the whole class hear the conversation via the PA system. The installation at my school went smoothly and was very easy. I found the Ekho Comm installers to be extremely professional, very kind, and they went out of their way to accommodate us. It was great!

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