The Problem

Up to 70% of mobile data traffic occurs indoors with 72% of users experiencing dropped calls while indoors.

Employee's are using personal mobile devices to do their work rather than using their company issued communication devices. At the same time companies are restricting personal devices from the corporate wireless networks which means employees are left to do company and personal business over weak cell coverage regardless of the carrier. Poor coverage can reflect poorly on the business and impact employee moral. 


Ekho Comm can provide your business with a customized solution to boost cell coverage for all cell providers that can improve how you employees do their job and help your company grow.

How It Works

Customized Solution

Ekho Comm utilizes technologies similar to what is used to build WiFi networks. We will generate coverage contour maps and "heat maps" to build indoor coverage maps. This mapping technology will reduce the guesswork on where to place our boosters and provide you with the best coverage possible. 


If you would like to understand better how Ekho Comm can help your organization please contact Sales - or call (801) 528-9900.