Fleet Solutions

EKHO COMM experts can customize and install your Fleet's solutions for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Cellular connectivity is vital for telematics, fleet vehicle tracking and monitoring, communication, emergency situations on the road, and more. Keep your fleet connected on the road in urban and rural areas with weBoost fleet cell phone signal boosters. Great choice for fleet managers who want to improve on-time performance with enhanced cellular GPS.

Works with all cell carriers and cellular devices. No monthly fees and boosts all cellular networks so fleet vehicles have reliable cell signal all the time. Requires professional installation.

Better cell connectivity means better fleet security, productivity, and ROI.

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Enhanced coverage allows for optimization of cellular-based fleet-tracking & GPS systems.

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With its built-in encryption, all data transfers and transactions are secure on a cellular network.

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Works with all cell phone and cell-connected devices on all U.S. carriers. FCC-approved.